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Five Ways To Improve Your PC's Performance

You cannot avoid deteriorating PC performance even if you own an excellent computer with high-end system components.

To prevent system slowdown, you need to follow a routine that helps you scan and repair all computer-related problems.

You can adopt multiple methods to optimize the performance of your system. Listed here are the top 5 ways that you can enhance the performance of your PC:

  • Regular Registry Cleaning
  • Cleaning And Defragging Hard Drive
  • Regular Malware Scanning
  • Managing Programs that Load during System Start-up
  • Perform Memory Tests

Frequent Registry Cleaning

Registry cleaning can be termed as the most important activity that enables you to enhance the performance of a slow computer by removing unwanted information from the registry. All Windows operating systems (OS), such as Windows XP and Windows Vista, store all hardware and software configuration information in the registry, which is a centralized hierarchal database. The registry also stores information related to system settings and user preferences.

Over time, the registry starts expanding at an uncontrollable speed and may eventually get damaged and fragmented. This affects the data access time and generates several Windows Vista errors. You may often face unexpected system breakdowns if the problem intensifies.

However, it is possible to prevent this situation by regularly scanning and removing redundant, outdated, and invalid information from the registry. You can perform these tasks by using a dependable, professional and user-friendly registry cleaner utility that meets your specific requirements.

Cleaning And Defragging Hard Drive

As unwanted cookies and programs keep adding to the hard disk of your computer, it often gets congested. If you want to fix slow computer problems, you must use the Disk Cleanup utility provided in your Windows XP and Vista ‘System Tools.’ This will enable you to remove unnecessary junk and free up space on your hard disk. Additionally, you must use a Disk Defragmenter tool to defragment your system’s hard disk and make your data files contiguous and Windows programs easily accessible on your PC. These tools help you in your PC optimizing activities to a great extent.

Regular Malware Scanning

Many malicious programs, such as adware, spyware, Trojans, viruses, and worms may drastically affect the speed of your computer. They keep adding malicious files and registry entries, which may cause multiple system errors that can damage your computer and data files. Therefore, you must identify and delete these files by using a reliable anti-virus and anti-spyware tool.

Managing Programs that Load at System Start-up

Many processes are automatically added and start loading themselves when you start your computer. These start-up programs continue running in the background and slow down your system. If you want to avoid system slow-down, you must deactivate un-required programs from loading at the system start-up. This can be done by using the System Configuration utility (msconfig). You can also use an advanced Registry cleaning tool to manage start-up programs.

Performing Memory Tests

System slowdowns may also occur due to malfunctioning RAM or memory chips. In order to identify the cause, you may perform a memory test with the help of a memory test tool. There are several memory testing tools available on the Internet and you can search for and download a tool from a reliable source. Next, use this tool to run diagnostic tests on memory modules on your system, detect the malfunctioning module, and then replace it.

Find more information about the Windows regsitry and improving your computer performance at Instant-Registry-Fixes.org.

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