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Computer Times
February 2010

Editors' Choice Bluetooth Headset

Discovery 975 Bluetooth Earbud

Reviewed by Angie Kibiloski

Plantronics is a great company, well known for their line of quality Bluetooth headsets. The Discovery 975 (Retail $129.99) is one of their newest models with one very unique feature; it has a carrying case that doubles as a mobile charger, so youíll never have to worry about your earpiece dying while on the go. This model doesnít have a ton of bells and whistles, like voice dialing, or one button redial, but the charging case is a fantastic feature that makes it well worth the money, especially if you donít typically rely heavily on things like voice dialing. That isnít to say that the Discovery 975 doesnít have other great aspects. It has the ability to pair with 2 phones at once, has WindSmart technology, with 3 levels of protection to block wind noise, and Audio IQ tech, combining dual microphones to remove background noise. If you want a straightforward, high quality, user-friendly piece of technology, then the Discovery 975 is a perfect choice for you.

The earpiece connects to the charging case via a mini USB plug situated inside the case. When at home, you can fit the earpiece into the charging case and plug the case into the wall. When itís fully charged, the earpiece will be ready to use, and the case will hold an additional 2 full charges. It has a convenient LCD screen that shows you both the amount of charge left for both the earpiece and case. When on the move, you can pop the earpiece back into the case while itís not in use, and the case will refresh the charge.

The earpiece is quite stylish, with a sleek and slender microphone arm that extends toward your mouth, giving you great clear sound quality. The gel bud that fits into your ear is flexible with a rounded tab that hugs the contours of your ear to keep it comfortably secure without the need for an ear hook attachment. All the controls are handled through one easily accessible call button on the front, and a volume button on the side. The charging case is attractive as well, covered in soft leather, and the earpiece easily snaps in and out of its resting place inside.

If you are a person who needs a fully loaded Bluetooth, packed to the gills with hands free control features, then this might not be the device for you. But, if you are looking for a piece of technology that performs well and is easy to use, then the Discovery 975 will suit your needs. So often, I am out and about and find my Bluetooth running low on battery. This device solves that problem, by letting you top off your charge whenever you arenít using it, by simply putting it back in its case. It is so convenient to not have to worry about charging my Bluetooth, for days if necessary. The earpiece itself lasts for 5 hours of talk time, 7 days of stand-by time, and these numbers are tripled with the added charge of the case. Definitely a great little accessory to have in your pocket.


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